Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wandering Adoption II

The Stick Lady

Sometimes she pokes. Sometimes she stirs. Whatever she does, she does with a smile. She simply does not understand why people snarl at her, since she's smart, kind and always right.

The sincerity of her voice erases any doubt she may have motives of her own. She only wishes to enlighten. Minimization, shallow and incomplete analysis, irrelevant/inapplicable analogies, and sometimes just plain lying are her preferred method of guiding conversations towards the end she seeks. Polymarginalized individuals often have few intellectual options, and little way to combat her learned assuredness.

Polished professsional style can be cultivated with practice: It can hide a multitude of motives. Any resume, even a paltry one, looks like a resplendent battle banner to the peasants who wage war ceaselessely in the fields of her ambition.

Some people call her a troll.

Some people call her a user.

Some people call her a leader.

Some people call her a pirate.

Some people call her a liar.



Yours Sincerely said...


I call her a fake!

Under another one of her assumed names she has had many. For sure.

I think she is has been reborn as if she were adopted at "birth" but she is angry!!!!

....for BSERI said...

A tr00l by any other name would stink as much, Yours Truly. :D

Gypsy said...

Damn Girl.... You sure have a way with words! I am envious! But I promise I won't steal your newborn, your thoughts, your ideas or your identity......nor will I speak with forked tongue, donning a mask of a thousand faces!


....for BSERI said...


And leave my crack bag alone too, woman!