Monday, December 31, 2007

Wandering Adoption III

Mondo Cane

Those who can, do ...and the rest slip into pack behavior.

Chasing adoption ambulances is fun. I've done it. I know that inside that careening vehicle with its lights and siren, is another victim of hype, marketing, good intent, desperate longing and sheer abandonment.

She's bleeding to death from the wound in her heart. She's not long for this world. Soon the woman she was will fade into the ether and a new being, a being made of pain, will emerge in her place. It's a death. It is. For once, let's call it what it is.

The sociological causes of this death are poverty, lack of education, weak families.

The political cause of this death is the legacy of centuries of powerlessness.

The psychological causes of this death are misogyny and self loathing.

The economic cause of this death is the bottom line.

(And there's some rebellion, gullibility, denial, mendacity and sheer, stubborn stupidity in the mix as well.)

These are not really problems that can be solved by engaging in pack behavior.

BUT, chasing ambulances is fun. It is. There is a real rush associated with the hunt and that old familiar smell of blood.

AND it can temporarily relieve the stress of unaddressed losses and serious trauma without resorting to booze or drugs. It gives people a chance to feel not quite so powerless. To be someone important instead of someone gullible or rebellious.

AND therapy is expensive, but joining the pack...not so much.

AND every so often you get to hang with the big dogs... maybe even lick the Massa's hand.

SO, hey, it's the end of the year...throw tho$e dog$ $ome bone$.


Barb, for myself


Gypsy said...

Superb!!! Bravo!! Thank you!

....for BSERI said...

With luck, eventually many of the gimped and foibled of AdoptionLand will appear on these pages.
Huns, Romans, Womb Worshippers, the Radical Chic, the Smearers, the Poisoners, the Thieves, the Rapidly Decompensating ...

It should make for some interesting writing.