Sunday, June 15, 2008

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Since you asked....


Here's why.

1) You, with your dollars, continue to support an industry that exploits women so abjectly poor that they lose their children. Lose their children. With some support, these families could remain intact. That means that many of these adoptions are unnecessary. Unnecessary adoption is an evil in the way that unnecessary war is an evil. This is because adoption is war. War on poor women.

2) You continue to demonize, dehumanize, marginalize and otherwise project your own personal flaws on to pregnant women who are so poor that they find theselves faced with the prospect of losing their child to adoption. You use these projections to rationalize your actions. You want to maintain the charade of rationalization by making nice with your victim once you get what you want. You want her to be a good little girl , smile, and pop another bun out of the oven for you. You want her to tell you how wonderful you are when you're done emptying her womb. You want, demand, extort, cajole her to verbalize gratitude for her exploitation. You want to use language and social convention to conceal the fact that separation of mother and child by adoption is violent. This is violence done to her and her child for the sake of the dollars you provide. You fund this violence, this war, but you want to conceal that fact. In other words, you want her to make nice to support you in your denial.

Hasn't she already done enough for you?

You want more, more, more?

You need therapy, not adoption.

3) You continue to regard yourselves as some sort of saint, when in point of plain fact, the statistics say that your infertility is most likely the result of a lifestyle choice you made.

4) The injustices of the past have never been addressed. The exploitations of the present continue unabated.

No justice, no peace.

Barb, for myself


gypsy said...

Thank you Barb.... your words are the matter which side of the fence one might sit on. For those who would decry your words, to them I say... No matter how hard you simply cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's is impossible! Though the Sow's Ear (adoption agencies) can relate to the 'silk purse', in that the 'silk purse' can, will and has been 'lined' with much cash, supplied by those who desperately desire to be a 'parent' to a stranger child.

And you are correct..those who adopt are 'funding' the adoption industry who in turn exploit pregnant women. If one is for 'war', then one is also condoning the actions of the 'generals' who 'kill' innocents.

....for BSERI said...

They are consciously, happily, greedily funding the war, Gypsy. That makes them responsible for the results.


Robin said...

This adopter has obviously been making the rounds. She's young. She will learn that we are no longer malleable or open to the blandishments of pro-adoptionists. Our issue is the emotional violence against us in manipulating us to surrender our children. The demand for womb-fresh, healthy infants or cute toddlers facilitated that violence. It's a fact that cannot be disputed. Demand means there must be a way to create the supply.

And I do love the part where it is pointed out that the majority of infertility is caused by the infertile person, themselves. They are fine ones to preach to us about lifestyle choices. Even the decision to delay childbearing is a choice that can lead to infertility. But we are the ones who pay for those choices.

....for BSERI said...

Two major causes of infertility are waiting too long, and tubal/uterine adhesions and blockages which are the result of untreated STDs. Not sure if thse are the top two - they may be Numbers 2 and 3, with endometriosis being Number 1. However, endo tends to develop as we age, taking us right back to ...waiting too long.

These are the medical facts.

Infertility is most of then the result of a lifestyle choice.