Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dian Wellfare, 1951 - 2008

There are not enough loving words to describe Dian Wellfare, Founder and Director of Origins, Inc. New South Wales.

She has been a mentor, friend and heroine to thousands of natural mothers (of adoption loss) through the OriginsNSW website, message board and the Parliamentary Inquiry she and other Origins mothers demanded. Through their efforts, they were granted an Inquiry and, as a result, obtained an apology from their government for the unethical and wrongful removal of their newborns to adoption.

Dian’s strength and determination, her knowledge and intelligence contributed immeasurably to the benefit of all exiled mothers worldwide who had their children removed from them, whether before the Baby Scoop Era (post WWII - 1972), during the BSE, or since.
Dian created OriginsNSW and aided in the creation of chapters in other countries. She was strong and steadfastly honest in her interactions with other mothers and in dealing with pro-adoption organizations, government and the media. She did not back down from any opportunity to educate, always telling the absolute truth, even though it was information that people might not want to hear or accept.

The Truth. Millions of mothers worldwide had their (usually) firstborn babies wrongfully removed simply because they weren’t married and/or did not have the funds to protect their civil, legal and human rights. Dian took every chance to describe what occurred to create this phenomena of babies removed, especially during the Baby Scoop Era (a short window of time when more babies were removed from vulnerable, unprotected mothers than at any other time in history, before or since).

It is a painful truth - a very uncomfortable truth to hear - but it is The Truth, and to this end Dian never wavered. She was courageous and steadfast. Always available to support any mother who reached out for help. She was always available to the media to explain the complexities of adoption surrender: how it amputates natural families; how it devastates the lives of young, at risk mothers who surrender not knowing the life long consequences; how mothers don’t just lose their babies; they also ultimately lose their self esteem, their trust, their futures... and then their grandchildren and great grandchildren into infinity. How mothers pay the ultimate price with no pardon, no parole - for the Crime of Motherhood.

Dian Wellfare diligently, doggedly and tirelessly brought The Truth to the general public via the media, via the Internet, through government, and then even fought through two court cases in an effort to obtain justice in regards to her own experience.

Dian is a true pioneer whose worth, whose value, has yet to be fully understood and measured. But there is absolutely no doubt that if her contributions are not yet known, they certainly will be at some point - recorded for all time.

We mothers bow our heads in respect and honor. We offer prayer on her behalf. We cherish her legacy and memory. She was everything to us. We cannot compute the depth of the loss of her.


Marley Greiner said...

I am so sorry to hear this. I'll be putting up something on Bastardette probably tonight, no later than tomorrow. I'll link over here. Di and I went at it on alt.adoptino sometimes, but so what? We also had nice private correspondences. She was a visionary and a pioneer and Aus. and AdoptionLand is better for her.

Chris said...

Farewell to a dear 'sister'. A woman/mother who had Courage of Conviction and never wavered, in my estimation. She is to be admired and respected for all her accomplishments, known and unknown. Dian was a woman, a mother who cared enough to fight tirelessly for a measure of justice for all mothers, for all women who had lost a child to adoption, without given any other choice. Goodnight Dear Dian..may you rest peacefully. You will be missed and not easily forgotten.

....for BSERI said...

Hi Marley, Hi Chris-

She was a real leader, and the most successful adoption reformer on the planet. We can best honor her life by continuing the work.

We have all lost a great person.

Marley Greiner said...

I tried to link over here and Blogger gave me a bad time. Your statement however, is linked from your webpage. I there any information on services?

....for BSERI said...

I haven't gotten any information on services, Marley. I'm sorry.

Thank you for the link, Marley. The BSERI website will carry only Di's tribute for a few days.

Origins NSW website is http://www.angelfire.com/or/originsnsw/

....for BSERI said...

Di's funeral will be held on Tuesday 22nd April 1 pm, Rookwood Cemetary, South Chapel